ObjectImage Reviewed for Shutter Hub by Jayne Lloyd

“‘ObjectImage’ by Sarah Tulloch is very much a special ‘object’ in its own right. With its exposed spine and long, bold stitches running throughout, and back cover ‘cut out’ segment, this incredibly tactile book is designed and constructed perfectly to compliment Tulloch’s work.

Working with found images, Tulloch uses scalpel incisions to deconstruct and reposition the elements to create new objects and images from them. ObjectImage beautifully catalogues Tulloch’s work as it develops, initially using her own family archive, then historic postcards and now newspaper cuttings. Complete pieces are shown alongside blown-up sections where we can really see the detail and get a sense of the texture of the pieces, and consider why were the incisions made where they were? What was removed? Why were they placed together in that way?

Accompanied by insightful text from Matthew Hearn and an in-depth interview with Sarah Tulloch by Marjolaine Ryley, this is a fascinating exploration of Tulloch’s practice and a stunning work of art in itself.’”