NewspaperHeads explores the transient, suggestive power and complexity of media imagery by combining the images found in daily newspapers to create seductively familiar yet disjointed new characters.

More often than not the images come to me, as in inheriting my grandpa’s collection and an idea or series of works grows from that. This has happened in reverse with the NewspaperHeads. I chose them as a ubiquitous, throwaway image bank which reflected a different aspect of the “everyday”. They also interested me because they had natural juxtapositions of imagery already within them.

Collage thrives even derives its power from juxtaposition and within newspapers one page would be a natural or man-made disaster or tragedy and opposite you might find an advert for a car. However distasteful, this mixing of tone and genre reflects the complexity and distraction of contemporary life and I felt it was a fertile place to work with and in some ways against.’

NewspaperHeads was shortlisted for the Jerwood Photoworks exhibition Family Politics: