“Cut Series, which I exhibited in 2014 as part of the show RIFF/T, has many of the ideas that form a constant to Tulloch’s practice: the possibility of scale and the potential for inverting the micro and macro properties of the image; the objecthood of the photograph and its carrier; and the ambiguous subject, and thus, the subjective possibilities in re-finding the image.

Reading Ali Smith’s novel, How To Be Both, I came across the line, “Art makes nothing happen in a way that makes something happen.” In citing it here, I was struck and remain so by its accord with Tulloch’s work. Specifically, the heightened effect achieved through relatively small interventions into the matrix of an image; how, for her, the slightest of touches causes something else, and far more significant, to happen. Unrehearsed and irreversible, her playful reworkings of old black-and-white photographs are essentially all-in attempts to reconvene the image: to make it happen (again). Her cuts simultaneously divide and unite the composition. Like the imposition of “zips” in the paintings of Barnett Newman, they impose a central unifying feature within, and upon, the final image.”