• 10/10/2019 - Sarah Tulloch 0 Comments

    SIDER brings together two established collaborative groups of Teesside and Tyneside artists : Katy Cole, Annie O’Donnell and Sarah Tulloch, together with David

    Griffiths, Peter Heselton, Lorraine Smith and Helen Edling. 

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  • 26/08/2019 - Sarah Tulloch 0 Comments
    Once Upon A Space at Goldtapped, Newcastle, Uk.

    Three artists Helen Edling, Katrin Auld and Sarah Tulloch who have been working together as part of artists’ collective Once upon a Space present a 10 day residency in the gallery inviting you to contribute as the installation develops and evolves.

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  • 24/04/2019 - Sarah Tulloch 0 Comments
    Shutter Hub Open 2018 Amsterdam at 5 & 33 Gallery

    Great to be showing again with the Shutterhub open. The Shutter Hub OPEN 2018 brings together photographers from around the world in a selected exhibition, celebrating the future of photography through diverse and creative imagery.

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