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    10/10/2019 - Sarah Tulloch 0 Comments

    SIDER brings together two established collaborative groups of Teesside and Tyneside artists : Katy Cole, Annie O’Donnell and Sarah Tulloch, together with David

    Griffiths, Peter Heselton, Lorraine Smith and Helen Edling. 

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  • 26/08/2019 - Sarah Tulloch 0 Comments
    Once Upon A Space at Goldtapped, Newcastle, Uk.

    Three artists Helen Edling, Katrin Auld and Sarah Tulloch who have been working together as part of artists’ collective Once upon a Space present a 10 day residency in the gallery inviting you to contribute as the installation develops and evolves.

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  • https://arconline.co.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/‘distraction’
    24/04/2019 - Sarah Tulloch 0 Comments
    Dovetail Joints present the exhibition 'DISTRACTION'

    Curated by Bobby Benjamin an exhibition of original artwork by

    Katy Cole / Annie O’Donnell / Sarah Tulloch
    Bobby Benjamin
    Connor Clements
    Charlie Howard
    Thomas Tyler

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  • http://helenedling.se/projects/leaking%20cricus%20projects.html
    24/04/2019 - Sarah Tulloch 0 Comments
    ONCE UPON A SPACE 8-21 Oktober 2018 Projekt Mellanrum Pop-Up Projekt. Posthusgatan 12, Norrtälje

    Very excited to be invited to be part of Once Upon a Space with the brilliant Helen Edling and other artists Kat Auld, Sandra Bruun, Ina Eriksson, Helena Lambert and Lella LAbolina Lif. The project is loosely based on the idea of the Rhizome(*) where a story/micro-universe will be created over a period of days through exchanges between the participants. 

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  • 24/04/2019 - Sarah Tulloch 0 Comments
    Shutter Hub Open 2018 Amsterdam at 5 & 33 Gallery

    Great to be showing again with the Shutterhub open. The Shutter Hub OPEN 2018 brings together photographers from around the world in a selected exhibition, celebrating the future of photography through diverse and creative imagery.

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