Once Upon A Space at Goldtapped, Newcastle, Uk.

Three artists Helen Edling, Katrin Auld and Sarah Tulloch who have been working together as part of artists’ collective Once upon a Space present a 10 day residency in the gallery inviting you to contribute as the installation develops and evolves.

All three artists work with found, ephemeral and contingent materials and are following passions for everyday and unexpected playful juxtapositions of material. The photographic and the sculptural are preoccupations of all three as are the ‘drawn’ line whether that be explored through 3d pens, ink or the scalpel knife. Auld works with ephemeral projects and photography, Edling with sculpture and drawing and Tulloch with collage and video. The artists want to blur the boundary between artist and audience, to encourage participation but also to allow unexpected things to happen and work in a way that is open to that chance element.